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Silicone roof coatings can be hand-rolled or spray-applied depending on the specifics of the job. Because silicones are inorganic, they are imperceptible to UV radiation. Silicones do not contain UV stabilizers, unlike many of the other coating materials. Silicone roof coatings out last other coatings.

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Silicone properly applied comes with
a 50 year warranty!

  • Silicone roof coatings cure quickly, and in heavy rain, will not cause runoff even if the roof is one hour old. This is certainly a plus in an area where the weather changes quickly.
  • Silicones are known for their tensile strength and lengthening abilities. Silicone roof coatings perform well in both very cold and very hot weather. * Some silicone roof coatings will need to have granules broadcast into the freshly applied coating for a roof tough enough for walking.
  • In contrast, many acrylic roof coatings need at least 24 hours after the first application before it can stand up to heavy rain.
  • Silicone is the only product designed to hold up under continuous ponding water. This means that, if your roof holds water in certain areas after a heavy rain, it will not break down over time or leak.

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